Wednesday 28 May 2014

Daily Shenanigans, 28/05/2014: My Multimedia Project grade!

Today felt extremely busy even though it really wasn't. I started the morning off with a bath, a little reading, copious amounts of packing for Mat's and generally getting ready for work. I ended up starting a little earlier but I didn't mind, it was so busy that my shift flew by! I also took some time this morning to properly plan everything I will read for the remainder of May, and the whole of June. I'm very excited to share some of those picks with you! After work I drove straight to Mat's and I have been spoilt rotten. He cooked me dinner, gave me chocolate and tea and we snuggled up to watch Britain's Got Talent.

The most exciting part of today however I have to say was finding out that I got a 1st for my Multimedia Project I've been harping on about for months. I feel so happy with that result, a lot of time, effort and stress went into making it to the standard I wanted it to be and it seems it paid off! I did get a bit more reading done this evening too which was good, I'm making acceptable progress with my current read I think. Tomorrow I'm going back to Canterbury with Mat and Bev to do a variety of bits and bobs but I should have time during the day to work on some blog related tasks I've set myself. It's also Life Of A Blogger day and as the topic is siblings, Bev and I have something a little special lined up. 

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